F. End Phase

Destroying Cards: Next, check to see if any of your cards have been destroyed. A card is considered “destroyed” when it takes Damage Counters equal to its Rank. Discard any destroyed cards now, by putting them in a discard pile face-up next to your draw pile.

If a Fighter is destroyed, any Enhancements on it are also destroyed even if they haven’t taken enough Damage Counters to destroy them.

Note: Rank 0 cards don’t take Damage Counters. But, some card effects will damage them by dealing 1 damage to “all enemy cards at this Location.” While Rank 0 cards can’t be given a Damage Counter, card effects like this can target them and deal damage to them anyway. When this happens, a Rank 0 card is immediately destroyed.

Power Draw Cards: Next, place the Power Draw card(s) you drew for this Battle in your hand. If a card effect allows you to draw multiple cards with a Power Draw, all of them go into your hand now.

Check for Victory: Last, check to see if anybody has won. At the end of any Battle, if you meet these three conditions, even if it’s not your turn right now, you win the game!

  1. You must have at least one unbowed Fighter at three of the four Locations.

  2. Your opponent does not have Fighters at those three Locations.

  3. All three Terrain cards at those Locations have to be face-up.

If a player wins, the game ends of course. If not, you can either declare another Battle or end your turn!

[My Turn Is Over! Your Turn!]

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