A. Refresh Phase

Refresh Your Hand: If you have fewer than 7 cards in your hand, draw cards from your draw pile until you have a hand of 7 cards. If you have more than 7 cards in your hand, discard cards until you only have 7 in your hand. (If this is your first turn, skip this step, you already have 7 cards.)

Explore: If you have any Fighter cards at one of the face-down Terrain cards and your opponent doesn’t, you can turn that Terrain card face-up now.

Unbow: All players who have bowed cards can unbow them now, too.


B. Play Phase

You can play one card from your hand into your Energy Zone if it’s your turn. You don’t have to, but any cards you put in your Energy Zone let you put other cards into play later. You can’t put more than one card from your hand into the Energy Zone each turn.

If you have any cards in your Energy Zone, they give you Energy Points. Each card gives you a number of Energy Points equal to the Rank of that card. You spend those Energy Points to put cards from your hand into play at a Terrain Location.

The Energy Point cost to put a card into play is equal to that card’s Rank. When you pay a card’s Energy Point cost, you can take it from your hand and put it at one of the four Terrain Locations. If the card you’re playing is an Enhancement card, you have to pick one of your Fighter cards to give it to. You can’t play an Enhancement if you don’t have any Fighters in play.

So, if you have a Rank 5 card and a Rank 3 card in your Energy Zone, you have 8 (5+3=8) Energy Points to spend to move cards from your hand to Terrain Locations.

In the example below, you can see that the player has put a Rank 3 card in to his Energy Zone for 3 Energy Points, and used those to play a Rank 2 card and a Rank 1 card.



C. Combat Phase

If you and your opponent both have at least one Fighter at the same Terrain Location, you can attack by declaring a Battle at that Location. If you don’t declare any Battles, your turn ends and your opponent takes a turn.

If this is the first turn, you won’t both have Fighters in play, so you can’t declare any Battles and your turn ends.

You can only declare one Battle per turn for each Terrain Location. If you’re going to declare more than one Battle on your turn, you can wait until you finish your first Battle and then declare the next one, or you can declare them all at once.

For each Battle you declare, play through the Power, Scoring, and End Phases once.

Finally, when you declare a Battle, if the Terrain card at that Location is still face-down, turn it face-up.

My Turn Is Over! Your Turn! Your opponent needs to perform steps A through C
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