WAY OF THE GUARDIAN uses four card types: Fighters, Enhancements, Terrains, and Events.


Fighter cards represent the characters and creatures that do battle in the Guardians’ Universe. Fighters can attack, defend, and be targeted by enemy attacks and card effects. They are the main kind of card in the game, and your deck should contain mostly Fighters.


Enhancement cards represent equipment, items, weapons, skills, and power-ups for your Fighters. Each Fighter can carry one or more Enhancement cards, which give the Fighter carrying them extra abilities and powers. Fighters in a Team can share and swap Enhancement cards.


Terrain cards represent the places where the players' Fighters do battle. Some Terrains have special rules, which apply to every Fighter in any Battle at that Terrain location.


Events represent the unpredictable elements of a story: sudden bursts of hidden power, plot points that change the way the game is played, and even event cards that can reset battles or change the victory conditions of the game!

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