Here is Kibo8214 again with another Stratgetic insight!

Todays insight,

Giving up and Dishing out

What this means is knowing what cards to keep in your hands and what to use in your energy zone.  So let's say you and a friend have just started a game, and you go, You have no energy so far!  so what do you do?  Say you have a 8 or 6 ranked card in your hand and an army of 3s and 2s.  Now an unexperienced player would say, "well i'm keeping this high ranked fighter card for later to win the game".  Wrong!  If you keep your high ranked card and energize your lower ranked ones, by the time you get your high-powered card out, you'll find your rivial may have just made a winning move.  If it's at the beginning of the game what you want to do is place as many fighters in as you can then worry about strengthening your teams as the game progresses.  So place your highest ranked card in your hand to the energy zone so you can place down your army of lower ranked cards all over the map and begin domination right away.  So you would now have a large beginning sum of energy points, and a good number of fighter cards on the table.  but of course, later in the game if you have say at least ten energy points available, fell free to play your higher powered fighter cards to back the lower ones up and take over the gaming mat.

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