Do you stink at Way of the Guardian?
having trouble competing with top level players?

He is a little stratgetic insight to help you rule next time you play!

Try building teams with your Fighter cards.  You may not know this but,
When you are playing Way of the Guardian you are able to pile on multiple fighter cards to different zones, try taking advantage of that.  If you have say, a couple of Zin-Don fighters who share the same faction icon, stick them together in the same place so they can share each other's special abilities and Rank.  Remember though that if you place several fighter cards together without the same Faction, they will share Rank but not special abilities, you'll only be able to use the main fighter's card abilities.  Always stick Peace Bringers together because they need to be together to gain strength.

Okay, try to use this to your adantage next time you play!

God Bless and happy Playing!

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