Hello Guardians, this is Kibo8214.

Here is a hot new Update.

I got backstage on set of the new Way of the Guardian commerical being filmed, and things look cool!
The commerical uses live action actors placed in a virtual backgroud thorugh the magic of Green Screen effects.

Adam Boster, creator of Way of the Guardian had this to say, "It's amazing what we have manged to get done in such a short time with this, and we can't wait for the finished product."  Adam Boster even stated that the results were so great, that a Way of the Guardian 30 minute short film is in the works, that will use the same technology.

So far unfortunatly the short film is going to take a while, But, I have gotten my hands on the Script and it will definitly be worth the wait.

The Short Film will star Master I in her childhood when...
well I won't spoil it, but it is very tight, featuring conflict, love, and duels to the death.

Stay tuned to the Way of the Guardian site for more info coming later this week.

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